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Program for Management Development Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors, are the best example of the impact that IESE has on society and business alike. The Ambassadors program aims to emphasize the quality of our program participants and in turn, our alumni.

Our greatest pride, our alumni

Gonzalo Moreno-Muñoz

Head of Networks Operations

PMD Munich 2019

With some management experience in your backpack, the PMD brings you to a level that you weren’t even aware of. This form of executive program at IESE is not only a powerful enabler for the mid-life management career, but above all an inspiring learning

Sunitha Gunawardena

Global Portfolio Brand Director

PMD Munich 2014

Program, Faculty and Class gave me so many new perspectives – Great momentum to push my thinking.

Timon Fabarius

General Manager

PMD Munich 2013

The PMD program has provided me with academic skills and management techniques to develop a clear perspective of what I want to achieve and how.

Franziska Kunz

Head of International Business Development

PMD Munich 2015

Learn with the best, push your boundaries and walk the talk!

Christian Römschied

 President Post – Tensioning Global Business Unit

PMD Munich 2016

Maria Grazia Conti

Business Development

PMD Munich 2017

The best way to me to boost my learning journey, meet interesting people, gain different industries insights to finally made bold moves. At your disposal for any questions you might have.

Luis Catalan

Lead Engineer & Technical Sales for BMW

PMD Munich 2019

Lead with Integrity.

Marceli Rakowski

Head of Global Business Development

PMD Munich 2019

The intensity of the program, the knowledge and passion of the IESE faculty and high-caliber PMD students create a perfect environment for personal and professional growth. With the unique person-centric IESE approach, I was definitely equipped with the right tools and skills to generate an immediate impact on my customers and my organization.

Sara Arbos

Chief Operations Officer

PMD Munich 2018

“PMD gave me the tools and the confidence to excel at my new Senior Management Role.”

Valerio Cittadini

Global Director Key Accounts

PMD Munich 2019

You enter the PMD as an high potential professional and PMD will give you the tools and the needed confidence to become a real manager.

Pedro Silva

Multi-Channel Marketing Operations Team Lead

PMD Munich 2019

“The Program for Management Development (PMD) was a transformational and enriching learning experience! At the beginning of 2019 together with a group of accomplished class mates, I joined this executive education program based on the practical case method and directed by a team of extraordinary professors. It completely exceeded my expectations and helped me to growth and consolidate diverse management, leadership and business competencies. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

Sergio Martin

Senior Business Development Manager

PMD Munich 2017

The PMD program is a life changing experience, both professional and personal. The quality of the lecturers, the proved and pragmatical teaching method, and the selection of the contents, makes it a perfect program for rethinking a life project or developing a career. Thinking on leadership education and choosing IESE is a winning decision. And the human view that they give to the education is unique.

Walter Kurzrock

Director Shared Services for IT

PMD Munich 2014

The learning experience, the friendships and the networking connections, that where formed during and after the PMD were as outstanding and unique, as the value-based approach of IESE. For me, it was the first management program, which was not just” talking” and “concepting” about “values”, but being an example by living them in every IESE employee. I left the course with lots of practical learnings and precious doings for the daily challenges as digital leader

Christoph Stradiot

Senior Manager Capital & Dept Advisory

PMD Munich 2013

To break out from your daily working routine, to be challenged and be inspired by others – this is definitely what defines the PMD. Being a member of the first PMD class in Munich its simply astonishing to see how the organization and program developed and impacted others.

Florian Baur


PMD Munich 2016

“The IESE PMD came at the exact right time in my career. Moving out of managing a commercial department with a limited geographical scope into a global general management role it helped to fresh up a number of areas that were not so present in my previous role like finance and strategy. But even more importantly it refocused me on the importance of leadership. That a company’s success is about people, culture and purpose was probably the most important take away for my career. The outstanding quality of IESE’s staff (academic and non-academic) certainly played a major role why this program was a big success for me and I dare say for my company as well.”

Ignacio Fernández

Used & Fleet Manager Europe

PMD Munich 2015

The PMD with IESE in Munich improved my management skills with an international environment giving the human and corporate values that are necessary for our future. The faculty was always supportive and invited us to take an active role in the classes

María Cristina García de Juan

Associate Director

PMD Munich 2018

I have always dreamed of attending a management development program in a top ranked university, having access to the best teaching experience in the world. I found it at IESE and even more: I discovered new ways of exploiting my potential and enjoying my daily work. It opens your eyes and expands your mind.

Jan Helge Mayer

Strategy Professional

PMD Munich 2014

The most rewarding investments into my development so far: intense, incredibly insightful, wonderfully prepared, sparking personal change, full of great people, certainly broadening one’s horizon, … – who has the opportunity should do it!”

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